Florida Blue Farms (FBF) is dedicated to being a leader in conservation and sustainability.

We believe that land stewardship is paramount to the success of our farm and our industry.

Since 2008, FBF has implementd the Florida Specialty Fruit and Nut Crop Operations Best Management Practices (BMPs), which are a combination of practices that have been determined to be the most effective and practicable means for maintaining or improving water quality.

Our conservation plan is multi-faceted, but most notably includes a specially designed and engineered 2- acre tailwater recovery pond. This allows us to significantly reduce frost/freeze irrigation runoff and recycle up to 70% of the withdrawals applied to the receiving watershed.

“As agriculturalists, we are charged with being good stewards. It is the right thing to do.  Conservation and preservation are important components of protecting the environment. We have taken great measures on our farm to make water quality our number one priority.  Through our Surface Water Management plan, we believe that when water it leaves our farm the water quality is better than when it came onto our farm.” –Brittany H. Lee